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Our Doctors

Chester County Eye Care Physicians are a dedicated team of board certified, university trained and affiliated eye surgeons use the latest technology only previously available at special university centers to diagnose and treat all eye diseases including cataract, glaucoma, diabetes, macular degeneration, and oculoplastics. CCEC is the only practice in Chester County to perform many of the latest eye care surgeries and treatments such as:



Dr. Bruce Stark, Ophthalmologist
Bruce I. Stark, M.D.
  Dr. Bruce Saran, Ophthalmologist
Bruce R. Saran, M.D.
  Dr. Robert Liss, Ophthalmologist
Robert P. Liss, M.D.
Dr. John Stephano, Ophthalmologist
John J. DeStafeno, M.D
  Dr. Michael Ward, Ophthalmologist
Michael J. Ward, M.D.
Cristan M. Arena, M.D.
  Dr. Anne Marie Chu, Optometrist
Anne Marie Chu, O.D.
Dr. Megan Lynott
Megan Lynott, O.D.
  Dr. Andrea Gallo
Andrea Gallo, O.D.
  Dr. Gregory Oldham
Gregory W.Oldham, M.D.
  Dr. Jill McAdams
Jill McAdams, O.D.


CCEC also offers the latest in vision correction following cataract surgery; multifocal and toric intraocular lens implants.

Chester County Eye Care Associates is committed to bringing the latest technologies and treatments to Chester County and to compassionately providing each patient with the highest quality of service. We look forward to serving you.