Juvéderm Voluma® XC Common Treatment Areas: cheek area

juvederm_volumaXCJuvéderm Voluma XC is the newest dermal filler that is the only one of its kind specifically designed for the cheeks and mid-face. As we age, we lose volume in our cheeks causing them to flatten and drop. Voluma adds lift and restores our more youthful contours and arcs, creating a naturally fuller, smoother appearance.

Are Juvéderm Voluma® XC treatments safe?

Like Juvéderm® XC, Juvéderm Voluma® XC is a safe injectable dermal filler.

If you have severe allergies or a history of severe allergies, you should not use this product. You should also not use this product if you have allergies to lidocaine or the proteins used to make hyaluronic acid.

When will I see results?

Results are visible immediately and typically last up to 2 years with optimal correction.

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Are Juvéderm Voluma® XC treatments painful?

Voluma is injected into the skin using a fine needle resulting in minimal pain. Because these fillers are formulated with lidocaine, no anesthesia or sedation is required, but ice or topical lidocaine may be used for patients with extreme sensitivity. Mild discomfort with any type of injection can be expected.

Are there any side effects?

The most common side effects are temporary and include tenderness, swelling, firmness, bruising, lumps, bumps and redness, discoloration and itching at the injection site. These side effects are mild to moderate lasting 7 days or less. Like any other medical procedures, it does have some risks but serious side effects are rare.

Is there any downtime or restrictions?

Within the first 24 hours, you should minimize your exposure to extensive sun or heat and avoid any activities where risk or injury to the treatment area can occur.  You may return to your normal routine after 24 hours.

How often should I get Juvéderm Voluma® XC?

We recommend you receive Juvéderm Voluma® XC once every 2 years to maintain the optimal results.

To see if Juvéderm Voluma® is right for you, contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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