Continuing Ed Optom Seminar

Our spring 2012 optom seminar will be held Thursday, May 17th at The Gables at Chadds Ford restaurant. Come and join us for great food, networking, and continuing ed credits.  The program agenda is as follows:

Bruce R. Saran, M.D.
The Many Shades of Macular Pucker
Bruce I. Stark, M.D.
Secondary Glaucoma – Primary Importance
John J. DeStafeno, M.D.
Keratoconus: Eye Rubbing Never Felt So Good!
Michael J. Ward, M.D.
Current Trends in the Management of Retinal Detachment
Rebecca H. Ward, M.D.
Microinvasive Glaucoma Surgical Techniques
Robert P. Liss, M.D.
Complex Cataract Surgery
Maggie B. Hymowitz, M.D.
Neovascular Glaucoma

You will receive a total of 4 credit hours. If you would like to attend or need more info, please contact Julie at

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