Thank you very much for your great and wonderful professinalism in taking care of me for the last 15 years. Without you, I could hardly wait to receive botox to keep my eyes opened. I deeply appreciate your care!
~ Mary N.

This message of thanks is to Leah, the staff at CCEC and Dr. DeStefano. It was such a pleasure working with a group who is so professional and detail-oriented.  Everyone was friendly and helpful.   It’s obvious, at least from a patient perspective, that this is a well-run and well-organized group.  I am so grateful for my new excellent vision, and don’t take for granted the skill that was required to make this happen.   Every day I notice something else I hadn’t seen in a long time – such as being able to tell how late my train is going to be when waiting on the platform – all I knew before was that green was on time and red was late or cancelled.
~ Regina M.

I’m a patient of Dr. DeStefano. He and Kate have been great- especially with my post-surgery follow-up. We found Chester County Eye Care online and are very pleased with locations, facilities, and customer service. Dr. DeStafeno has been exceptional at giving me info/explanations of treatment, etc. I would certainly recommend CCEC to anyone.
~ Doug S.

CCEC, Drs. DeStafeno, Ward and Liss have painstakingly and assiduously worked through my left eye issue for 3 ½ years. I thank God for their ability and each of their personalities. Each of the technicians has been phenomenal in walking me through this journey! My sight has just about returned to what it was before shingles affected my cornea.
~ Richard O.

I visited Chester County Eye Care for cataract surgery. My sister recommended their services and was very satisfied. My surgery was successful and the follow-up visits have been great. Everyone has been very helpful in explaining the procedures I needed to follow. I would definitely recommend CCEC.
~ TJ F.

I came to Chester County Eye Care on a recommendation from a doctor in Seattle, WA, who treated me for Wet AMD when I was there on vacation. He recommended Dr. Bruce Saran, whom he knew by reputation, to take care of me upon my return to the West Chester area. I came to CCEC immediately upon my return and I have been giving thanks ever since. It’s still exciting after about 6 years of treatment that I can continue to see. This is all because of the skill, knowledge, talent, kindness, and support of Dr. Saran and his wonderful staff of technicians at CCEC. I can’t thank them enough for not only saving my sight but continuing to do all they can to keep it that way!
~ David B.

I was sent to Chester County Eye Care by my optometrist. It started out as routine visits checking my eyes due to medicines I was on. Dr. Stark was my initial doctor, and he was always thorough and explained everything. Several years ago, Dr. DeStafeno was brought in on my care for severe dry eye. It has been a long hard road, and I could not have made it without his help and medicines. He is the Best! Superb doctors, superb helpers- Chai, Marina, and others. Love CCEC. Better than Wills Eye!
~ Colleen B.

I have treated with Dr. Saran and Chester County Eye Care for more than 12 years. I first treated with Dr. Saran in an emergency situation in which Dr. Saran went above and beyond to ensure that I was seen immediately and that I received the best treatment available to restore my vision. With Dr. Saran and his staff, I know that I always receive the highest level of care and the most advanced treatments. I am convinced that he saved my vision many times over, and there is no one I trust more with my vision than Dr. Saran.
~ Kathy M.

I have been coming to CCEC for many years. I trust the doctors here- they have helped me preserve my best vision. I see Dr. Arena and she has kept a good check on the threat of glaucoma. The staff here is friendly and helpful, especially Madeline- I look forward to seeing and chatting with her and the doctors too.
~ Joan W.

My mother and I both are patients. My mother sees Dr. Saran and Dr. Stark. She is very pleased about her macular treatments and with the entire staff. I too, can’t say enough about the care, concern, attentiveness, consideration, and expertise shown to both of us every time we have an appointment. It starts at the front desk and follows us to the doctor. We are completely satisfied with Chester County Eye Care and highly recommend to others.
~ Anna V.

We were referred by a friend. My dad is very happy with Dr. Liss. Dr. Liss is extremely patient and kind and has been able to lower my dad’s eye pressure considerably! We will continue with Dr. Liss and be happy to refer CCEC to all our friends and family!
~ Meg F.

Being a patient at Chester County Eye Care has been a rewarding experience. I have found a gentle, caring doctor named Michael Ward, who I see on a regular schedule. Fortunately, the Exton office is close to my home. The staff is professional, polite, and pleasant and waiting time is short. My condition requires ongoing visits, so I’m happy to say that it’s a perfect place to go if I want to keep seeing. Good eye care is so important!
~ Gina M.

I would highly recommend Chester County Eye Care. From the initial consultation through surgery and follow-up, the staff has been knowledgeable, caring, and thorough. I have taken to calling Dr. Arena an “angel”. She is caring and knows how to comfort and ease a patient’s anxiety.
~ Janet R.

When my husband was first diagnosed with macular degeneration in both eyes, we were very concerned that his vision would deteriorate and our lives would change. Our doctor sent us to see Dr. Ward and his treatment has resulted in a vast improvement. His vision is almost back to normal. We are thrilled with the results of the care he receives and are very satisfied with the staff in the West Chester office who have been caring and professional.
~ Marilyn G.

I have been coming here for years. I have retinal detachment disorder; Dr. Stark was my doctor. Very efficient, very nice. I had to have surgery on my eyes and was very nervous. Dr. Stark reassured me that I would be fine. Felt very peaceful and relaxed. I also see Dr. Chu, I really feel like she is very thorough with her exams, she does not rush or seem to be in a hurry and very patient with questions and concerns. These two doctors really care about what they do and about their patients.
~ Christine D.

I was having trouble seeing distance clearly. My husband is a patient and recommended Chester County Eye Care. Appointments were on time, staff was pleasant and helpful. The doctor listened to my needs and requests. I can now see distance clearly and also can read most printed materials. Along with being able to see more clearly, I am glad to have had a successful eye examination that revealed no eye health issues.
~ Susan M.

Dr. Chu conducts a thorough exam. The office is very well run and the staff is friendly and positive- all good reasons to choose Chester County Eye Care for routine, annual eye exams. The office in Exton is conveniently located to my home. The most important reason for choosing CCEC is Dr. Chu’s thoroughness in optimizing my prescription, monitoring my developing cataract, and testing for glaucoma, macular degeneration, and other eye issues. Dr. Chu’s discussion of these issues is greatly appreciated.
~ Raymond W.

Dr. Ward has always been very courteous and has told me what has been happening with my eye. The staff has always been very helpful. The technicians have called me back when I have a question. I would highly recommend Chester County Eye Care.
~ Sheryl L.

The first time I stepped into the office I was treated with friendly smiles and light chit-chat. I felt very comfortable with the staff and other patients as well. I am so touched by the care I’m given as well as the care others have received. I thank God for all those who unselfishly take time and show concern for the patients. Overall, I give this practice an A+.
~ Sandra M.

I was seen by Dr. Arena whose diagnosis was exact and reassuring. My vision plays a determining factor in my job. Knowing that my vision would return to normal was a great relief and at this time is 99%. Being treated by professionals that are positive in their diagnosis and treatment is most important to a 2x cancer survivor. Thank you!
~ Edward C.

I have always been appreciative of the wonderful care that Dr. Liss and Dr. Ward provide. Each receptionist, billing specialist, technician, and doctor have been professional and yet very caring. I especially appreciate the efficiency with which the office works. There is a minimal wait and that translates to me that my time is as valuable as the doctor’s time. This is important and impressive.
~ Rebecca H.

I came CCEC to have a corneal abrasion looked at and was so pleased with the establishment and people that I decided to come back and get my vision checked and make this my new regular eye doctors office. May even be back for LASIK!
~ Andrew S.

I love, love, LOVE getting my Botox treatments here! It’s reassuring to have an ophthalmologist doing such delicate work around my eyes. I trust Dr. Stark and the Center for Rejuvenations team with my face, which is saying a LOT. I also enjoy how they turn the office into a party whenever they have these events: delicious treats, soothing music, and an overall gentle, fun ambiance.
~ Amy G.

I chose Center for Rejuvenations because my friend recommended it and she looks wonderful. Everyone here is so kind and welcoming. They make me feel so comfortable. The lines between my brows are much reduced. This is a great place to come for a renewal.
~ Joanne B.

I chose the Center for Rejuvenations because Chester County Eye Care is an amazing practice and I had met Dr. Stark and Carol at a beauty event. He is an amazing doctor and has never caused me any bruising or discomfort. Carol is so patient and helpful that I am happy to call her my friend. I have referred many patients to Dr. Stark and they keep coming back!!!
~ Carole B.

I love getting Botox at Chester County Eye Care. It gets rids of the frown lines and makes me look less tired. The events are fun too!
~ Susanne N.

30 years ago, I was involved in an automobile accident. It wasn’t very serious although my car was totaled. The windshield was broken and I could feel some of the shattered glass had gotten in my eye. I didn’t have a regular eye doctor at the time but someone got me to Dr. Stark. He saw me right away and I was put in the chair immediately. And he assisted me with my problem right away. Fortunately, it wasn’t serious but it was just not pleasant and very disconcerting to feel you have glass on your eyeballs. I was impressed by his quick and concerned treatment. I was very grateful and have never gone anywhere else but Chester County Eye Care.
~ Bill S.

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