Chester County Eye Doctor Highlights Various Benefits of Laser Cataract Surgery

Dr. John J. DeStafeno discusses several benefits of cataract laser surgery.

John J. DeStafeno of Chester County Eye Care discusses the numerous advantages of laser cataract surgery with the CATALYS Precision Laser System.

West Chester, PA — According to Dr. John J. DeStafeno, a cataract surgeon in Chester County, PA, cataract surgery is one of the top medical procedures performed annually in the United States. In fact, he notes that approximately four million people undergo surgical treatment for cataracts every year.

Thanks to the great number of advancements that have been made since the operation was first conducted, Dr. DeStafeno explains that cataract surgery is now more streamlined and accurate than ever before. One such advancement that has enhanced the treatment process is the CATALYS® Precision Laser System, which he and his colleagues utilize to conduct laser cataract surgery at Chester County Eye Care.

For qualified candidates, Dr. DeStafeno says laser cataract surgery with the CATALYS® Precision Laser System offers the following benefits:

  • Improved predictability (due to 3D mapping of the eye)
  • Optimal customization
  • Laser-precise incision-making
  • Gentle extraction of the clouded lens
  • Accurate positioning of the replacement lens

In regard to candidacy, Dr. DeStafeno notes that virtually anyone who has cataracts and is suffering from adverse effects of the condition may be qualified for laser cataract surgery. The most common symptoms of cataracts include blurry and/or double vision, sensitivity to glare around lights, trouble seeing at night, noticing that colors appear faded, and seeing halos surrounding lights. For individuals experiencing one or more of these concerns, Dr. DeStafeno recommends scheduling a consultation with a board-certified ophthalmologist who offers innovative laser technology to find out if laser cataract surgery would be right for them.

Ultimately, Dr. DeStafeno states that while traditional cataract surgery is still a very effective option when performed by a qualified eye surgeon, laser cataract surgery is the latest technology that may improve visual outcomes in some patients.

About John J. DeStafeno, MD

After earning his undergraduate and medical degrees, Dr. DeStafeno attended Long Island Jewish to complete his Ophthalmology residency, where he served as Chief Resident. Subsequently, he underwent advanced training in the management of cornea, refractive, and external disease at the Duke University Eye Center. Dr. DeStafeno has conducted more than 5,000 cataract surgeries, and he is considered a leader in cataract and cornea procedural development. In addition to practicing at Chester County Eye Care, he serves as an Instructor at the American Academy of Ophthalmology and a Clinical Instructor of Ophthalmology at Wills Eye Hospital and Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

For more information, visit and Dr. DeStafeno is available for interview upon request.


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