LASIK Surgeon in West Chester on Post-LASIK Cornea Strengthening

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West Chester, PA — LASIK surgery is a popular and effective procedure designed to correct refractive error and improve overall vision. Despite its successes, LASIK may weaken the cornea, which can lead to a regression in vision quality over time. Keratectasia, or a thinned cornea, can rarely occur after LASIK; however, it is a possible refractive surgery complication that could lead to further vision correction down the road. As an eye care specialist pursuing the highest quality of patient care, West Chester LASIK surgeon Dr. John DeStafeno says there is a role for strengthening the cornea and increasing the safety profile of LASIK for many patients:

“A healthy and regularly shaped cornea allows the eye to focus light to provide clear vision. When the cornea becomes weak, it can assume an irregular shape that may reduce the clarity of vision. As LASIK surgeons, we have been directing our efforts on corneal strengthening procedures to ensure optimal visual clarity after vision correction procedures.”

Created by Avedro, Inc., a new cornea-strengthening technique called LASIK Xtra is currently undergoing the FDA approval process. Following refractive correction surgery, LASIK Xtra incorporates the use of riboflavin ophthalmic solution and UVA irradiation to accelerate cross-linking, potentially resulting in a stronger cornea. Dr. DeStafeno says, “The FDA does a very thorough job in evaluating the safety and efficacy of newer therapies for diseases. LASIK Xtra is no different and should undergo rigorous testing.” He adds that if the corneal cross-linking treatment is approved by the FDA, eye care specialists could have the opportunity to combine LASIK with LASIK Xtra and possibly enhance refractive surgery results for particular patients.

In regards to who might qualify for corneal cross-linking combined with LASIK, Dr. DeStafeno believes the FDA clinical trials may determine who is a proper candidate for LASIK Xtra. He says, “When the safety profile and efficacy of LASIK Xtra are determined, this very well may be an adjunctive treatment for all LASIK patients and not just special cases.” Until then, Dr. DeStafeno says his West Chester vision correction center will continue to focus on providing the safest, most effective vision procedures possible. As a board-certified eye surgeon, he adds that patients should only consult qualified surgeons to ensure they are receiving ethical and FDA-approved treatments.

About John J. DeStafeno, M.D.

Dr. John DeStafeno is one of several board-certified doctors practicing at Chester County Eye Care Associates. A fellowship-trained corneal specialist from Duke Univeristy, he devotes time and energy to improving vision for patients all across Pennsylvania. Dr. DeStafeno has been named a “Top Doc” by the Main Line Today magazine, a “Top Physician” by Philadelphia Magazine, and a “Top 250 Premium IOL Surgeon” by the Premier Surgeon magazine. He is a published medical author and a LASIK instructor at the annual American Academy of Ophthalmology meeting to surgeons around the world.

Chester County Eye Care Associates has an office located in West Chester, Exton, and West Grove. Each can be reached by phone at 610-696-1230. Dr. DeStafeno and his fellow associates can also be contacted online at or

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